Orange Guard

Orange Guard

Orange Guard
  • Orange Guard contains only food grade ingredients.
  • Leaves a pleasant orange odour.
  • Kills ants, cockroaches, house flies, cluster flies, silverfish and fleas on contact.
  • Effective in cracks and crevices.
  • Use all around your home; inside and out.

Orange Guard is a food grade insecticide made from 100% edible plant extracts and water. Orange Guard is an indoor/outdoor contact killer that works on a broad range of insects without harming food, humans or pets. Orange Guard is a better solution for insect control.

Orange Guard’s active ingredient d-Limonene is steam distilled orange peel oil. Naturally this means it is made only from oranges. d-Limonene is a terpene and this is the orange’s insect repellent.

Orange Guard Efficacy: 100% on Argentine Ants, 100% Cat Fleas and 85% Roaches (24 hours).

A better natural solution for insect control.

Simply spray in cracks and crevices around your home to prevent an insect invasion. If you see any insects while spraying, let the repellent sit for a few minutes, then wipe it up with a warm, damp rag. The spray is great to use on hidden bugs in your walls or bed and works great on fleas as well.

Added Benefits:

  • Leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent.
  • It cleans whatever surface you spray.
  • Very affordable.

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