Mist Sprayers – A Greener Application Method

Mist Sprayers – A Greener Application Method

Mist Sprayers – A Greener Application Method


The agriculture/horticulture community strives to be good stewards of the land that provides us with the means to grow grasses and feed grains for livestock, ornamental plants for landscaping as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts for human consumption. Livestock producers know to provide the proper care and comfort to their animals to maximize growth for meat and milk production. In today’s world, we are more mindful of environmental concerns in growing practices and chemical application methods both organic and non-organic. We seek a balance in our environmental impact and the practices that lead to increased production/profitability and good stewardship of land and water and to ultimately use less chemicals.

Hydraulic application methods; boom sprayers, floaters, highboys, hand wand sprayers, etc. are the most common in spraying herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilizers. This method uses a vast amount of water to deliver the active chemicals to the target area. It also uses larger amounts of active chemicals to produce the desired results. These sprayers generally use larger spray tip sizes that produce larger spray droplets that are directed downward to spray over the target area. The spray droplets are deposited on the top waxy surface of the plant leaves and can bead up into larger droplets that roll off the leaf surface and drop onto the ground where it loses effectiveness.

Mist Sprayers are the only piece of spraying equipment designed to deposit droplets on the underside of the leaf and to spray with the wind. This equipment employs a dilute spraying application method that uses less water and less active chemicals while producing better results. These sprayers use air to deliver the active chemical/water dilution mix to the spray target. Spray droplets are injected into an air stream that shears them into more uniform sizes and the volute attachment creates an air vortex that makes droplets swirl over, under and around the foliage. Up to 35% is deposited on the underside of the leaves creating more efficiency of the active chemical and increased uptake into the plant. This efficiency allows you to use less chemical and less water while providing better results.

There will always be potential for drift with all types of spraying applications and equipment. We all have seen people using boom sprayers and floaters going through a field while the wind is blowing at 25-65 km per hour and the spray volume drifting away for hundreds of feet. Wind conditions will always dictate when and where you spray with all application equipment. Applicators just need to use common sense and need to be good stewards of our resources. Mist/Air Blast Sprayers provide you with the ability to control the product flow to the spray tips and the direction of the spray with hydraulic or electric actuator rams. The distance of the spray can be controlled with the engine speed or tractor PTO speed during the application. These controls combined with common sense allow you to reduce or eliminate the possibility of spray drift. (There is no research that says Mist/Air Blast Sprayers drift, overlap or feather more than airplane, highboy, floater or boom spraying equipment, etc.)

Drift is not the fault of the Mist/Air Blast Sprayer or any other spraying method but is a result of the equipment operator’s lack of control over the spraying application.

Be a responsible neighbor and good steward of our environment and natural resources.

Mist/Air Blast Sprayers, in general, use up to 50% less chemical, organics or fertilizers than other application methods while providing better results. Water is used as a dilution mix instead of a means of delivery as air is used as the means of delivery. Combine these aspects and you will see that this is a more Environmentally Friendly and Greener way to spray.

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